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Re: Help to sort a multimedia system??? (still)

DB wrote:
> On start up, a little black window pops up saying that Phonom can't
> usesomething - I guess the AC97 onboard sound - reverting to Sis S17012.

Phonon should be using PulseAudio.

Can you please post the result of the following?
rpm -qa phonon\*

> Kaffeine can only see one of the 2 DVD players (Master & Slave on an ide
> cable) and playback is monstrously distorted..  And I don't appear to be
> able to set  the audio-cd-device in the xine parameters...

It's under "media", it's a text box, you have to enter the device name by

> I tried to yumex the xine -lib-extras-freeworld & keep getting
> Missing Dependency: xine-lib(plugin-abi) = 1.24 is needed by package
> xine-lib-extras-freeworld-1.1.15-4.fc10.i386 (rpmfusion-free)

That's really old. Make sure you also have rpmfusion-free-updates enabled,
not just rpmfusion-free.

> Tried to play a commercial DVD; Dragon says it doesn't have the right
> plugins ( in extras-freeworld??).  Other players "sometimes they sits &
> thinks, sometimes they just sits"

You need libdvdcss from Livna.

> Tried to run Skype... Berfore I got the webcam to work, I had sound.
> Now I have video, I only (most times) only have incoming sound.  I'm
> offered as sound input
> Default Device
> SiS S17012 ( hwSI7012,0)
> SiS S17012 ( hwSI7012,1)
> SiS S17012 ( plughwSI7012,0)
> SiS S17012 ( plughwSI7012,1)
> 2 connections for the mic on the Webcam,
> Pulse

"Default Device" or "Pulse" (which are really both the same if PulseAudio is
working) is what you should choose. (Same for any other ALSA application.)

        Kevin Kofler

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