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Re: How to get send mail without localhost.localdomain

On Saturday 28 March 2009 09:01:19 Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> I put a .forward in /root so that I can receive logwatch emails from
> my desktop. But against everything I have tried, I can't get sendmail
> to use root example com instead of root localhost localdomain
> I don't want to stick example.com in to /etc/hosts as it will mess
> with other things (the workstation is not example.com, but
> workstation.example.com)
In /etc/aliases scroll to the last line where you will see

#Person who should get root's mail.  You can just set that to 'arthur' if you 
work on the same box, or if you need it mailed out, do it this way:

root:    arthur example com

Remove all your previous attempts to redirect the messages.  Arthur should 
then receive all root's mail.

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