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Re: Help to sort a multimedia system??? (still)

Message: 4
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 03:04:09 +0100
From: Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>
Subject: Re: Help to sort a multimedia system???  (still)
To: fedora-list redhat com
Message-ID: <gqk0iq$dh8$1 ger gmane org>
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DB wrote:
On start up, a little black window pops up saying that Phonom can't
usesomething - I guess the AC97 onboard sound - reverting to Sis S17012.

Phonon should be using PulseAudio.

Can you please post the result of the following?
rpm -qa phonon\*
$ rpm -qa phonon\*

Kaffeine can only see one of the 2 DVD players (Master & Slave on an ide
cable) and playback is monstrously distorted..  And I don't appear to be
able to set  the audio-cd-device in the xine parameters...

It's under "media", it's a text box, you have to enter the device name by
At the moment, the audio_cd.device box contans /dev/cdrom. Is it possible to somehow list cdrom & cdrom1?
I tried to yumex the xine -lib-extras-freeworld & keep getting
Missing Dependency: xine-lib(plugin-abi) = 1.24 is needed by package
xine-lib-extras-freeworld-1.1.15-4.fc10.i386 (rpmfusion-free)

That's really old. Make sure you also have rpmfusion-free-updates enabled,
not just rpmfusion-free.
Yes, somehow, I had a .repo for free-updates, with enabled=0, used gedit to change that to enabled=1 (since clicking on the enable box in yumex only appeared to fix it for the duration of the yumex run)
Tried to play a commercial DVD; Dragon says it doesn't have the right
plugins ( in extras-freeworld??).  Other players "sometimes they sits &
thinks, sometimes they just sits"

You need libdvdcss from Livna.

Is this - or something like it - included in rpmfusion free or nonfree?
Tried to run Skype... Berfore I got the webcam to work, I had sound.
Now I have video, I only (most times) only have incoming sound.  I'm
offered as sound input
Default Device
SiS S17012 ( hwSI7012,0)
SiS S17012 ( hwSI7012,1)
SiS S17012 ( plughwSI7012,0)
SiS S17012 ( plughwSI7012,1)
2 connections for the mic on the Webcam,

"Default Device" or "Pulse" (which are really both the same if PulseAudio is
working) is what you should choose. (Same for any other ALSA application.)

        Kevin Kofler
Thanks, Kevin. If I remember correctly, in some replies to other questions about sound devices, you wrote something about "Alsa being on top of PA" (or vice versa!) - I also read that various programs are "Front end" or Backend" to something else..... Question 1 - which way is "front" & "back" ie nearer Hardware or nearer User? Question 2 - is there a way for naive users (like me!) to find out what sequence of modules/software/gizmos is actually involved in say, getting the noise from my CD/DVD/AC97 to the speakers? Question 3 - does having ALSA mixer. KMix, Pulseaudio Volume control open at the same time cause any problem? Question 4 - when I open PA Manager, what is meant by "Sound Server" (only servers I ever met were either in a restaurant or a big box in a computer room for supplying things to networked computers - & I don't have either here in my workroom!) Question 5 - in the Skype example above, how can I find out what the 4 SiS variants represent? Question 6 - (maybe the wrong place to ask this one...) KMix handbook says I should see 3 tabs, one of which is switches, and "leds" to show which controls are active.... I only have 1 tab & no leds; normal in KDE4? (KMix Version 3.5 Using KDE 4.2.1 (KDE 4.2.1) from "About KMix")

Many many thanks to you & Rex for helping me through this minefield of confusion!
(Is there a "for Dummies" guide to all these things somewhere on the Web?)



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