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Re: Laptop security

Anne Wilson wrote:
> Considering how many of us use laptops, I wonder if Adeona might be a useful 
> package to have in the stable?  It's a laptop recovery tool, for use after 
> loss.

adeona is a nice package. now, because of opendht, it is still in a state
that would be more of a users decision to add and not something that would
be that benafical for a fedora inclusion. [think kde4]

adeona is something that could be helpful in recovery of a laptop, but it
is more of an individual's choice.

as was discussed last year on this list, on a linux system, it may not be
highly efficient. how many thieves are intelligent enough to use linux?

if laptop was stolen just to be sold, linux is probably first thing to be
removed and there goes adeona.

if you have your laptop setup so that it will boot up and connect to internet
with out user intervention, then by all means, install adeona. then if it
gets stolen, pray that crook is dome enough to power up with an internet


peace out.



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