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Re: Laptop security

Anne Wilson wrote:

> How intelligent do you need to be, to hit a recognisable icon for Firefox?

and you have your laptop automatically log you in and your desktop appears
with firefox icon?

> When netbooks with linux first came out they came with instructions on how to 
> remove it and install windows.  To their surprise only 27% of users did (no, I 
> don't know how they got their figures).  That means 73% of users could do all 
> they needed to do without worrying that it was linux.

and you are talking about someone who *bought* their laptop with linux

i am not against idea of adeona. i think it is a great idea.

i was only talking about some dumb ass that steals someone's laptop and
then tries to use it.

but then i guess that crooks and thieves are different on your side of
'the big pond'.

and i do give credit to the ones who pulled 'the great train robbery'.


peace out.



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