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Re: How setup fonts and themes for kde applications on gnome under Fedora 10

Well, rpm package was installed, but whet i ran systemsettings only appers an grey application without options, i need install more packages.

I remember some time in ubuntu i was install something like qt3-configuration tool, there is another tool or configuration file to change all themes to kde applications in gnome, actually i was changed fonts but i want change too  the themes.


2009/3/22 Angel Natan Villegas Vicencio <anvv fedora gmail com>
Thanks Rex. i will install this package and check it

2009/3/22 Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu>

Angel Natan Villegas Vicencio wrote:

> Hi all,
> I remember in other times to configure amarok, k3b and other kde
> applications on gnome, i need to install kcontrol package and then i can

the kde4 equivalent to kde's kcontrol is systemsettings, which is in
kdebase-workspace rpm

-- Rex

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