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F10 won't bootup. Stalls at startx, and gdm

F10 was booting up fine yesterday, and I had been trying to get Hydrogen 
working so that it didn't crash the desktop when I tried to start it. Got 
that problem resolved, and had rebooted a few times during getting the 
Hydrogen problem resolved.

Today I try to bootup F10 and it stalls when trying to startx, and gdm. The 
monitor is just clicking off, and on. No text, no nothing.

Next I bootup, appending the kernel line in grub to boot into runlevel 3, 
which gets me into runlevel 3. I login with username, and password, then su 
to root. Then I type gdm, and gdm opens, and I can login to KDE with no 

There are some 300MB of updates waiting for my F10, but this problem has 
arrived before installing any of them.

With most of the installs on this Asus M2N-X Plus mobo, I have to append the 
kernel line in grub with acpi-off, otherwise the bootup hangs when starting 
X. Everything is locked up. With acpi=off F10 has been booting ok up to to 
ysterday. Quite why I'm now seeing this problem with F10 is to say the least, 
a bit bizarre.

Anyone have any ideas as how to resolve the problem, apart from re-installing 


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