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Re: How to find yum (rpm) duplicate packages?

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Erm...  I don't mean exact duplicates, but packages that
> are "left behind" and superseded by new packages. Sometimes
> newer packages are installed and older ones are not removed
> via the cleanup processes. There are exceptions of course, such
> as kernels, which must be removed manually, when desired.
> I am basically looking for packages that are no longer needed
> when new packages are installed, so that I can reclaim disk space.

You may want to look at the package-cleanup --orphans command. This
lists all packages on your system that are not in a currently-configured
repository (for example, because they’ve been removed from Fedora,
because you’ve manually downloaded and installed them from a third
party, or because you’ve installed something from updates-testing
because you think you can usefully test it).

Hope this helps,


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