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slow desktop and a sometimes total refresh of desktop

I use Gnome.

Sometimes I get this total refresh of the desktop. I have 6 workspaces,
and it's not uncommon that I have 40-50 windows running, so a refresh
leaves me sitting idle for about 30 seconds.

In addition, it now happens sometimes in Fedora-9 that switching
workspaces has become VERY slow, but I seem to be able to fix that by
closing an application. gimp or gqview are two I often leave running and
can dismiss.

I did instal1l Fedora-10 but suspend didn't work out of the box, so I'll
have to fix that and come back to it. But I'm wondering if this is
something others have seen

I think the refresh has been in FC7 as well, the slow switching is
something new in 9 i believe. I will check in Fedora-10 if it depends on
using commercial nvidia driver, since that is what I'm using and I haven;t
updated 10 for that.

- peter

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