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Re: openoffice presenter issues

2009/3/28 Kevin Kempter <kevin kevinkempterllc com>:
> Hi all;
> I'm running Fedora10 and KDE 4.2 on a laptop with an Nvidia card and I run 2
> displays via twinview.
> When I try and run the slideshow I get a scrollbar on the opposite display
> as I have openoffice presenter running on but nothing else, plus at that
> point the display is stuck in presenter mode so I cant stop the presentation
> (which I cant see) or exit the program.
> Thoughts ?

Ctrl-Alt-Esc might help you out.

I also map the F1 key to bring up a terminal window, it has helped me
on several occasions when a program hangs and I can't get it too close
or minimize, give f1 a tap, run top to see the pid....sic the old k9
on it. It's not full proof but its gotten me out of a few jams.

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

-Albert Einstein



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