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Re: how to get planet access?

Hi list

[adel localhost ~]$ ssh adel1978 fedorapeople org
Permission denied (publickey).

I try have a FSA and I have uploaded my RSA key since 10 minutes, but I can't log yet! is there any think missing ?


2009/3/18 Armin <feng shaun gmail com>
On Wednesday 18 March 2009 19:31:21 Adel ESSAFI wrote:
> Hi list,
> My question this time is how to do to put my blog on planet page of fedora?
> I have found no subscribe or any instruction on that page!! Am I right?
> Could you help please
> Adel
> --
> http://ilovefedora.blogspot.com/


this should help! :)

Armin Moradi

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