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Re: Help to sort a multimedia system??? (still)

On Sun, 2009-03-29 at 13:13 +0200, DB wrote:
> OK<<< so "sink" = front & "source" = back (generally!)

No, that's different things altogether.  Source is the source of
something, a sink is the opposite - where somethings output goes.  And
neither are to do with front-end and back-end.

Front-end and back-end are the apparent and unapparent parts of
something.  e.g. Take any program, the front-end is the user-interface
that you play with, the back-end is all the programming behind it.

Analogies are generally a bad idea, try to understand something
directly, rather than trying to inappropriately apply it to something
unrelated.  You might as well say email's like fish, and usenet is like
turtles, and then try to explain their correlation with concrete.

SANE (scanning software), its front-end is the bit you choose what to
scan, etc., the back-end is all the driving the computer does to use the

CUPS (printing software), the front-end is the parts you see when you
want to control how to print something, or choose which printer, the
back-end is what *it* does to your information to make it work with
particular printers.

In audio, a source could be the digitised audio from a microphone, a
sink could be the input side of an effects generator.  Further down the
chain, that effects generator could be a sound source that would go to a
recorder, with the recorder being its sink.

While source is a good term to use in that case, as it's not an analogy
(a "sound source" is a proper description) I think using "sink" was a
bad case of putting an analogy into terminology, in the first place.  In
the real world, you put something in a sink and it goes down the drain,
never to be seen again (except by sewage processors).  It's not exactly
representative of how you might make *use* of something, it's a disposal

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