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Re: F10 won't bootup. Stalls at startx, and gdm

Problem resolved, hopefully. See below.

On Sunday 29 March 2009 18:09, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Saturday 28 March 2009 23:15, max bianco wrote:
> > On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 5:20 PM, Nigel Henry
> >
> > <cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> wrote:
> > > F10 was booting up fine yesterday, and I had been trying to get
> > > Hydrogen working so that it didn't crash the desktop when I tried to
> > > start it. Got that problem resolved, and had rebooted a few times
> > > during getting the Hydrogen problem resolved.
> > >
> > > Today I try to bootup F10 and it stalls when trying to startx, and gdm.
> > > The monitor is just clicking off, and on. No text, no nothing.
> Nigel.

<huge skip of all stuff on previous post>

Having become a bit impatient, I set Selinux to permissive mode, and rebooted, 
which opened gdm with no problems, and I was able to login to KDE. Then I set 
Selinux back to enforcing mode, and rebooted, which brought back the same 
problem where, either X, and.or gdm wouldn't open. Pressed the reset button, 
and booted up to runlevel 3. Logged in, and su'ed to root, and started gdm, 
then logged into KDE.

Next step, back into SELinux Management, and check the box "Relabel on next 
reboot". Now I reboot, and Selinux does it's relabelling stuff, and now with 
Selinux in enforcing mode, F10 boots up without any problems.

Why this bootup problem occured in the first place, I've no idea. It's now 
fixed, and booting up is better than before. Before the recent bootup 
problems, the bootup would get as far as starting X, and gdm, and for 2, or 3 
seconds I would see text from the bootup in the top left of the screen, and 
the rest of the screen was filled with horizontal black, and white lines, 
then gdm would open. Since running the relabelling for SELinux, booting up on 
F10 has no problems, and goes straight to gdm (none of of the odd stuff 
displayed on screen prior to gdm starting).

Just some observations, along with a problem resolved.


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