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Re: OT: Network setup - NAT

Hiisi wrote:
> Dear Fedora crowd!
> I've a desktop running Fedora 10 connected to the Internet via LAN.
> There's 3 network controllers in the desktop. One integrated to the
> motherboard and two additional. I would like to connect other computers
> (two laptops, one running fc9 and the other Window$ XP) to the Internet
> via the desktop. I googled the question and found out that I need to
> adjust thing called 'NAT'. For that purpose I did the following:
> iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j SNAT --to-source
> 192.168.*.* where 192.168.*.* - is desktop' IP address. I want to use
> as a network for laptops. I activated one of devices
> (eth1), gave it IP address: ifconfig eth1 and connected
> f9 laptop to it. On the laptop I activated eth0 with the same IP. The
> problem is: it doesn't work. I can't ping anything from the laptop
> except its own address ( What should I do? Any help will be
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Hiisi.
First of all, should not be assigned to a NIC on your
setup, because it is the network address, and has a special meaning.

Next, you do not want the F10 NIC and the laptop NICs to have the
same IP address. You probably want something like for
the NIC on the F10 machine, and for the F9 laptop. (I
don't know if both laptops are on the same NIC.)

You will also have to add routes on all the machines. If you have
configured ifcfg-eth0 correctly on the laptops, they will already
have the routes.

What you have to do on the F10 machine depends on how you have
things physically connected, and you have to provide more
information before we can address that.

For configuring the firewall, a program like firestarter will help a


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