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Re: FC10 Suspend problem (fglrx)

Thanks, this helps. I narrowed it down to the fglrx module. Does anyone know how to unload and load it during suspend?

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
On 03/27/2009 03:55:55 PM, Hiren Joshi wrote:
Looks like it's loaded:
# lsmod | grep -i think
thinkpad_acpi          53968  0
rfkill                 11160  2 thinkpad_acpi
hwmon                   6300  1 thinkpad_acpi

modprobe thinkpad-acpi, doesn't have any output.....

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Hiren Joshi wrote:

I was only using pm-suspend to try to figure out why suspend on
didn't work =)

Where can I get hold of thinkpad-acpi?
I assume that it is a standard kernel module.
What does "modprobe thinkpad-acpi" say?

As far as I can tell my Thinkpad T43 found this module itself;

I recently debugged a similar problem in an entirely different context. What transpired was the the failure to resume after suspend was caused by a particular module. Removing that (or managing it, as ooutlined in the pm-utils docs) resolved the problem.

I suggest following the procedure outlined in the kernel documentation.


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