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Re: burn dot-files??

Beartooth wrote:
I've installed Eeebuntu Base to an EeePC 701 and installed Alpine 2.0 (the only mailer I give a shrivelled electron for). I want to add the .pinerc, and the .addressbook that I've been tweaking since before AOL or the Web; but nothing I can find today by way of a diskburner seems even to see dot files. Do I have to use scp over my LAN?? Icould swear I've done it both ways before now ...

The cd/dvd creator in gnome will allow you to drop whatever files you want onto a disk but remember that files that start with a " . " are hidden. They remain hidden even if you copy and paste them into another folder unless you look under the View menu and select show hidden files.

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand" --Albert Einstein



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