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Permissions on USB device (camera)

I'm running in XFCE (I boot in run-level 3 and start it with startxfce)
and when I plug in my USB camera (Canon A720), the /dev/usbdev* devices
all are set up owned by root.root with 660 permissions.  This means I
can't use the device as my local user account.

I haven't yet gone to GNOME to see if it works there or not, but I
imagine it would -- I've copied photos off this camera many times from
this machine in the past (not sure they I ever have in XFCE though).

Anyways, wanted to troubleshoot this and so I ran udevadm control
--log_priority=debug, plugged my device in and found out that
pam_console_apply gets called at some point to set the permissions for
me.  Its man page says it looks for /var/run/console.lock, but it
appears, in reality, it checks for /var/run/console/console.lock.  I
see from strace that it reads my username out of there, but I can see
from the debug logs that the root permissions get set on my device

Anyone have any idea why?  Should I add something to 50-default.perms
for my camera?


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