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Re: Some observation/suggestion in rawhide

On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 22:11 -0500, Sachin wrote:
> 1) There should be option called --size in yum which restrict the
> space which be used yum. This would be beneficial to machine with low
> disk space.

That, or perhaps, cache should remove older versions of packages, with
an option to keep the last two.

e.g. I had several kernel updates cached.  It's useful to keep more than
one, in case I want to re-install an older one.  But I don't think I
need half a dozen.  Likewise with other packages.

> 3) Shutdown splash screen

Waste of time, it should just shutdown.  Prolonging shutdown to show
some picture isn't in anyone's interests.  And this windows mentality of
hiding services as the machine starts up and shuts down just makes
things harder to diagnose when they go wrong.

> In panel under name
> 2) Preference menu list is too long

You should say whether you're using Gnome, KDE, or something else.  I
don't see a huge list in Gnome, I see a small list of categories, and
each has a small list of applicable preferences inside them.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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