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Re: Web of Trust (a revolution)

Kevin Kofler wrote:
m wrote:
I would point you to Firefox for instance, which by some(not I) is
reported to be a very insecure browser. There was an article, a while
back, that pointed out that it had more software vulnerabilities than
other browsers in I think it was 06 or 07. On the surface the article
seemed legit but proprietary browsers do not disclose all insecurities
found, only the publicly reported ones, where as Firefox, this is my
understanding please correct if wrong, reports all security issues
including the ones found in internal audits. So yes Firefox had more
reported problems but only because they disclose all of them. So who can
I trust? Just me it seems and the few friends that I have, signed keys
,as pointed out by others, is no guarantee that things were or are done
properly. That for me anyway is what the issue of trust comes down too,
consistency, its based on that, that I decide whether I can trust them
or just trust them to be themselves.

Konqueror is not a proprietary browser, and I trust KDE to disclose all the
vulnerabilities they fix, yet it has a lot fewer security issues than

        Kevin Kofler

Wasn't trying to slight Konqueror , i should have been more clear, the comparison in the article was of course trying to paint IE as the poster boy for security(Safari was mentioned also and I think Opera but I can't stumble across the article again for the life of me) and implied that using FF was dangerous in the extreme. A notion I found laughable but if your completely uninformed you just might get taken in by the hype. As for Konqueror vs FF, well I haven't used Konqueror in quite some time now so I can't make an honest comparison. Might be time to fix that...

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand" --Albert Einstein



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