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Re: Fresh install Fedora 10 X86_64 problems

Jim wrote:
m wrote:
Jim wrote:
Freash install of Fedora 10 X86_64 / KDE4

I kept /home directories intact with users from Fedora 8 install.
I use the exact names and passwords from old Fedora 8 install.

I'm getting error message when I try to log into All, Users home directories;

"Could not start Kstartupconfig4,  Check your install:"

I can log into 'root' without any problems.

Root does not live in /home or did you keep root's home also? I wouldn't have thought something like you are describing would work considering that many small things and probably large things too have probably changed from f8 to f10. Then there is the other major thing to consider: that KDE4 is still a work in progress as far as I know. Maybe removing the desktop settings files from the users home directories will do the trick. Just remember to keep good backups.

The 'root' is in /root not /home.
How do you change owners:groups, For instance, bob:bob to george:george , in the whole user directory.

Is the command  chown *.* bob:bob  george:george  ??

cd /home
for x in *; do
chown -R $x:$x $x

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