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Re: F9: http error_log issues

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

> 1) Why is there a core dump?  Where can I find the file and how
>      can I determine why httpd is core dumping?

message is that core dump size has been raised, not that there is an
actual core dump.

you will get a core dump when something goes wrong and can not continue.
see 'man core'.

run 'sudo find / -name core -print|sort>00-core.0001' to save to a file
for viewing to see if you have any core dumps.

a file will have a name of 'core' and may be rather large. by using
'ls -l /path/to/dump/core' and 'file /path/to/dump/core'  will tell you
if it is a core dump

disregard names found in;

> 2) Is it normal for httpd to be running as unconfined_u ?


google 'unconfined_u' for more.

> 3) Why is avahi causing a D-BUS error?

good question. from /var/log try;

 sudo grep -i d-bus *|less
 sudo grep -i avahi *|less

and look for messages with times corresponding to when
'/var/log/httpd/error_log' shows errors.

for help with avahi, you can find what is in doc and man with;

'locate avahi|grep man' and 'locate avahi|grep doc'



peace out.



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