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Re: How to redirect http to https with Apache/SVN/SSL [SOLVED]

Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
On Sunday 10 May 2009 19:26:51 Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

Should be:

<VirtualHost host.domain.com:80>
   ServerName host.domain.com
   CustomLog /svn/Admin/logs/access.log combined
   ErrorLog  /svn/Admin/logs/error.log
   SSLProxyEngine on
   ProxyPass / https://host.domain.com/
   ProxyPassReverse / https://host.domain.com/

<VirtualHost host.domain.com:443>

My mistake was the 2nd VirtualHost clause where 80 should be 443:

Now, that's better ;)

Keep in mind that having Apache proxy non-HTTPS queries will mean that the link from the client to the server will NOT be SSL-protected. Traffic from the SVN client to your server will be in the clear.
Oh!  DRAT!!  I have noted that when using http://[...],  the
SSL certificate is not being requested, so you appear to be correct.

So far, I have not been successful with any of the suggestions offered
so far.  If anyone has a (potential) solution, please let me know?


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