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Re: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M

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Le 22/05/2009 21:29, Mike Cloaked a écrit :
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Stop considering proprietary drivers "acceptable", they are not.
>>         Kevin Kofler
> So imagine that there is a newbie Linux user starting to read this list and
> he/she just happens to own one single machine that just happens to have an
> Nvidia graphics card - are you suggesting that people on this list tell this
> new user to go away and buy a better machine with the "appropriate"
> hardware, simply because Fedora default install does not support his/her
> graphics card. C'mon now - be reasonable! He/she will likely go look for
> another Linux distro!

First I want to thank anybody who answered...

On this subject: proprietary/non-proprietary, I would like to say that
maybe some people can choose to only use free software, but it is not
the case for everybody.

1- My lab in my university has contracts with companies and I have to
choose in a panel of offers. For computers, it is Dell and Dell's offer
is with nvidia graphic. What can I do?

2- I am not a computer scientist, I use computers (like many people) and
I do not want to waste a lot of time to find out how to configure new
hardwares I have never seen before. I know how to configure nvidia
graphic cards because we have many computers with nvidia. All cards, up
to now, are from Geforce series and I did not know if Quadro series were
supported by fedora OS.

3- Many times we have to deal with hardwares using proprietary drivers,
nvidia is among them. But, it seems to me that nvidia gives a lot of
documentation on their cards and provides drivers and help for linux
which make them easy to use.... This is not the case for all hardware
manufacturers: who had never experienced a modem or lan or wifi card not
working on his laptop?

4- Why not believe that one day nvidia will make open sources drivers?
Sun, is now going to furnish an open source jre. Why? Is it because a
lot of people from linux community refused to use the free, but not open
sources, Sun jre? I don't think so!

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