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Re: Fedora and jabber MSN gateway

On Thu, 28 May 2009 08:52:08 +0200
wwp <subscript free fr> wrote:

> Hello there,
> does anybody here has ever set up a jabber daemon with a full-featured
> MSN gateway on a Fedora? Are there helpful howto's online for that?

Yes, I have one running the MSN Python Transport - It's no different
than installing other transports/components, the install docs in the
package outline what needs to be done - there may be some variations
depending on what XMPP server software you're running.

My package is here if you're interested (also F9 / CentOS flavours
available for i386 too)


> Regards,

Michael Fleming.

Michael Fleming <mfleming thatfleminggent com> - (EMail/XMPP/Jabber)
WWW: http://www.thatfleminggent.com
Fedora / Red Hat Packages: http://www.thatfleminggent.com/rpm-packages
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thatfleminggent 

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