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Re: shutdown problem -

On 07/11/09 05:55, Ed Greshko wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
    After yesterday's F-11 updates I was unable to shutdown this
    computer. It proceeded normally to stopping "fail2ban" and then just
    stopped there. I held the power button in to shutdown, rebooted and
    got the same result a second time. Control Alternate Delete had no
    effect. I shut down and went to bed. I expect it will do the same
    when next shutdown.

    Am I alone in this?
I don't know if you are alone.  I just know that I'm not in the same
situation.  Just shutdown my recently updated F11 system without
problem.  I don't run fail2ban....so can't tell you if that is your culprit.

   I updated the second computer and it displays the same problem. The
   system stops at  "Stopping fail2ban" and I have no control after
   that. About all it does it acknowledge "Control-Alt-Delete pressed!"
   I can bring up another terminal and it asks me to loin but does not
   accept keystrokes. I will have to remove fail2ban in order to
   restore normal operation ...

   Oh-ho, it finally appears to have recovered and is now presenting me
   with a login screen. I logged in and entered "poweroff" and it is
   stuck at "stopping fail2ban" again.

   It stayed there six minutes and then shut down normally from that point.


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