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disaster recovery Q's


My boot drive is less than a year old and smart is sending me dire messages, 
so I went to town and got another drive.  rsync has just about copied 
everything to another drive, and I'll do a power off & add the drive, then 
reboot IF it will (the messages are yelping about CHS block 0!!), and copy 
that to the new drive which will at that point be plugged onto the SATA5 

My questions are:

How do I go about doing a grub-install in a manner that when I take out the 
dying drive and move the new drive to SATA0, it will reboot from this new 

I just checked, and /etc/fstab is using UUID's, how can that be fixed, or 
should I just put it back to LABEL's and be done with it.  That drive is 
labeled, but I don't believe its  /boot for /boot, so 

how do I get the labels off the drive?  Or should I just relabel it to gigo?

And, if I rsync each directory tree to the new drive, will that move the UUID 
and/or labels too?

Thanks for any quick advice folks.

Cheers, Gene
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