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Re: disaster recovery Q's

On Wednesday 11 November 2009, Aldo Foot wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net>
> wrote: <...>
>> I just checked, and /etc/fstab is using UUID's, how can that be fixed, or
>> should I just put it back to LABEL's and be done with it.  That drive is
>> labeled, but I don't believe its  /boot for /boot, so
>You can get the UUIDs from the HDDs with blkid. Just type at the CLI. Get
> the number for the correct partition and stick it in the fstab and
>grub.conf if needed.

That seems easy enough provided copy & paste worked, those are awfully long 
numbers to have to copy by hand.

>You can always use the OS DVD to go into rescue mode (F5) to fix things.

TBT, that seems a pretty limited way to effect a fix.  If the rescue mode 
could actually do a one button per partition chroot operation it would be a 
huge help.  But the last time I used it, I had to reboot to other partitions 
& installs just to read the man pages & figure out how to do it without 
making a chimera with a moose.

>> how do I get the labels off the drive?  Or should I just relabel it to
>> gigo?
>See the e2label man page
>     # e2label /dev/sdaX   --shows current fileystem label
>     # e2label /dev/sdaX newLabel -- assigns a new label to the filesystem

I didn't know we even had that command, I had been using tune2fs or gparted.  

>> And, if I rsync each directory tree to the new drive, will that move the
>> UUID and/or labels too?
>Hmm... where does e2label stores the filesystem label? I don't know.
>I'd guess that dd would copy them, but not rsync. Anyone care to comment?

In any event, I have now constructed a filesystem that is all labels, and 
logically formatted and labeled all the empty partitions.  I think I am ready 
to fire off a long script that should copy everything,  but I see in the 
rsync manpage that the -H option is expensive one time wise.

Are there any hard links in the system anyplace besides the /etc tree?

>just be cautious and do a bit of your own reading before committing
> changes. ~af

See above, the reading really needs to be available while actually doing 
things.  It usually isn't. :(

Cheers, Gene
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