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Re: anti-spam UOL

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Please forcibly unsubscribe this person from the list.
> From:
> AntiSpam UOL <waldyr rebello sspam uol com br>

Please forward one of these messages with full, unaltered headers to
fedora-list-owner redhat com   I recall reading a while back that the
source of these messages wasn't an address that is subscribed to the
list, but that seems to not be the case anymore, so removing someone
who's mail server pesters other posters may well be possible now.

FWIW, I con't recall ever having receieved such messages and I've been
posting here for quite a while.

Also, please direct this sort of issue to the list owner address
mentioned above before (and hopefully instead of) posting to the list.
There are many thousands of people on the list and keeping posts on
topic helps us all make better use of the list.

Todd        OpenPGP -> KeyID: 0xBEAF0CE3 | URL: www.pobox.com/~tmz/pgp
When tyranny comes to your door, it will be wearing a uniform.
    -- Jack McLamb

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