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Setting up a VM to run XP in an up-to-date F12 box?

Can someone point me to a good step by step howto to set up Windows XP installed
from an iso in a VM in F12 using kvm.  There are some XP applications that only
work in XP itself rather than in wine or Crossover.

I have not tinkered with virtualised machines before so this is a learning curve
for me.

I did see the http://docs.fedoraproject.org/ guide on virtualization but there
seems to be quite a number of changes in the details of what is presented on
screen when starting to install a new VM on my screen compared to what is in the
guide. The laptop in which I want to do this does have the virtualisation flags
so in principle it should be possible.

It is not clear where the virtualised machine would get installed by default -
but it looks like it would be in /var/lib/libvirt/images which is on the root
partition in my case so I made a new directory in a bigger partition with plenty
of space, and bind mounted it ahead of trying to create a new VM.

Thanks in advance.

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