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Re: Installing Windows afterFedora

 Bill Davidsen wrote:
> > I have managed to go for just under a decade without a Windows
> > machine, but now I need to have such, and I'd like to add it to an
> > existing machine with a large enough partition which was used as work
> > area for a project since shipped. The problem is that while I've put
> > Fedora (and Linux back to SLS and Slackware on 2.2 kernels) on Windows
> > machines, I haven't done it with anything else after, Linux has always
> > been "the last OS you'll ever need" for dual boot.
> >
> > I'm not worried about the grub.conf, but the boot sector could be an
> > issue, I have seen reports that XP with patches and Win7 check the
> > boot sector now (XP at patch level 3). other than having to rewrite
> > the boot sector, is that going to be an issue? Any other things I
> > should know?
> >
>Different people have different reasons for needing a Windows machine.
>They also have different requirements.  I also need a Windows machine
>from time to time.  But, I find dual boot an unnecessary evil since my
>requirements don't include something like game playing.  So, I've found
>running Windows in a virtual machine a better option. Just wondering >if you've considered that option.

You should seriously consider using a virtual WINXP setup. I have one program that I MUST run in XP. I gave up on the WIN box, and installed it using VirtualBox. Printing was a little weird to set up but works nicely to 2 different network connected printers. (reported here if you search the archive). I do not need sound, so it is untested but everything else works. And boot is waaayyy shorter in the virtual setup. Uses only 5Gig of disk space. And no messing with grub and mbr...


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         I may wish to offend you again in the future.

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