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Re: newbie help with setting up fedora 11 to use fog

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 08:45:55 -0500
"Melissa Bougor" <Melissa Bougor whitney k12 tx us> wrote:

> Thanks for your help fog is a cloning program that makes images of
> different machines. I will get you the instructions I have and send
> them. here is the website for fog. www.fogproject.org I have tryed
> the su - and it gets me to root but when I download the fog program
> it doesn't download it just does nothing but if I download to my
> download folder it works but that is not what the instructions say to
> do. So I assume it is not downloading to the right place. I watched a
> video on one of the websites about fedora and it says to hit ctl, alt
> f2 and that will also get you into root I tried that also. So I am
> not sure what I am doing wrong.

> > On Monday 19 October 2009, Melissa Bougor wrote:
> > >I have installed fedora 11 on a 1 tbyte hard drive we bought to
> > >use as a
> >> server to run fog. The directions in fog tell me to logon as root
> >> and then
> >> install  fog version 0.28 in the /opt folder. I tried to login in
> >> as root
> >> using the terminal but fog still would not install into the /opt
> >> folder. I
> >> have tried to follow all the directions given but with no success
> >> in it working. I don't think I have logged onto root right. I am
> >> new at  linux so I need someone to walk me through. This would
> >> benefit our school district if I can get it to work.
> >> 
> > >Thanks
> > >Melissa

Hi Melissa,

Here are some links that might help you with this task.

Go to this link
and it will tell you how to set up the root access in gnome.  Use the
gedit instructions as gedit is a lot like Notepad.  And don't forget to
change both the files it recommends for F11.

The official Fedora wiki and website are good resources for help and

This site by Mauriat Miranda is also good for people new to Fedora.

Fedora might not be the best alternative for your situation.  You would
probably be better off with CentOS as it is a more stable server
version that seems to be a better fit.  Fedora comes out with a new
version about every 6 months and there are usually tweaks that have to
be made in order to get it tuned properly.  Also, after a year security
updates for Fedora stop (two versions back) and this can leave your
computer vulnerable to exploits.  Fedora won't stop working, it just
won't get updates.

I presume you are using the instructions from the wiki for fog at 

I notice that fog asks you to turn off both selinux and the firewall in
Fedora.  This could be problematic for security, especially if you are
connected to the web, but even for internal threats.

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