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stop stupidly telling people to do "yum clean all" when it's not necessary

Jwalant Natvarlal Soneji:
>> What could be the issue?
>> It is on Fedora 10.

Alan Evans:
> I presume you can otherwise use the network -- DNS working, etc. So
> did you try "yum clean all"? I think you can even do it from one of
> the menus in yumex.

Why do you suggest "yum clean all"?  Would you also suggest format and
re-install?  Why do people keep offering STUPID yum clean all advice?
Do people even know what it does?  Does anyone think before issuing
advice anymore?

It's rarely ever necessary.  It wipes out your entire cache of
downloaded packages, forcing you to get them again if you're part way
through downloading/updating, wasting your bandwidth, time, and the

To clean the data about what's available to yum, simply use "yum clean

People, stop issuing stupid advice.  Yes, it IS "stupid" advice, it's
offering things without due thought.  That is what being stupid means.

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