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Re: Automatic page numbering in OpenOffice

> On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 08:54 +0500, gilpel altern org wrote:
>> I wished I could find a book/web page with only lists of commands to
>> achieve effect X, like I provided here:
>> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2009-September/msg00891.html
> The problem with these sort of recipes, quoting part of yours below, is
> they fall apart when the user-interface changes (as so often happens
> with courses for learning Word - the user's version is so different from
> the classroom's version that the student can't repeat what they've
> learnt),

Students don't learn the string of commands for every operation. At first,
of course, it's a pretty mechanicall process but, soon, without all the
humdrum of the 1000 pags tutorials, they get they feel of how a word
processor works.

>   Open a new document
>   F11
>   Standard
>   4th icon
>   Right click Standard
>   Modify
>   Enable footer
>   OK
> There is no "Standard" in the dialogue when I press the F11 key.

That's because I thought Standard would be pretty standard in both french
and english but, in english, Standard is Default.

> And
> your recipe doesn't say, "Press F11 to bring up the 'style and
> formatting list.'"

If you press F11, style and formatting list should be pretyy much what you

> Which means I can't do the same thing some other
> way (e.g. find the same option in a menu), intuitively, because I don't
> know why I'm pressing F11.

If you read the titre of the F11 menu, you shouldn't be too far from
discovering where it is in the menu.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting that F11 should be used alone instead of using
the menu. I used F11 here because it was shorter to write and I didn't
have to care about what the menu options were in english.

I'm sure people who know OOo well could do much better than I did with
those notes that I took along the operation.

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