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Re: root e-mail (Was Questionable Status)

Mikkel wrote:
> Michael Cronenworth wrote:
>> For a good majority of Fedora desktop users, that root mail is
>> never read.
> This is not good. Maybe a modification of the install procedure to
> set an alias so that all mail goes to the first normal user that is
> set up? Or an option to do this as part of the install? What do you
> think?

This only helps if users read local mail, which I doubt is much more
likely than reading root's mail spool.  For desktop installs, there is
a proposed feature to not install any MTA by default and send all cron
output and other things that are currenly mailed to root to logfiles


For the typical desktop user this will probably be about the same as
now.  Instead of having unread messages in /var/spool/mail/root,
they'll be in /var/log/*. :)

For those of use acustomed to having an MTA installed and sending
root's mail somewhere it is read, it will just be a matter of
installing the MTA of our choice.  (Which for me would be slightly
simpler, as I wouldn't have to handle removing sendmail and replacing
it with postfix.)

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