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Re: Why update Swahili?

> gilpel altern org wrote:
>>>>> If you don't need them, just say
>>>>> yum erase m17n\*
>>>> Yeah, I suppose with yum they wouldn't come back. But what is the
>>>> backslash for? Can't find any backslash in the yum man page.
>>> The backslash is to prevent the shell from expanding the asterisk and
>>> passing on the asterisk to yum literally. Its called escaping a special
>>> character. Try looking for escaping characters in the bash man page.
>> So, if I write
>> rm m17n*
>> it will remove all instances of m17n...
>> but, because yum is not a bash command, the * has to be escaped?
> I may be wrong - if so, I hope I will be corrected -
> but I don't think you _have_ to escape the *.

I must confess I forgot to try what would have happened with

yum erase m17n/*

It now seems to me it would have only erased the files named literally
m17n*, not m17n_shahili or _whatever.

Maybe somebody not really interested in swahili could try it :)

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