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Re: Where did my penguins go?

Bill Davidsen wrote:

> In addition, with recent kernels, you have to start doing anything
> interesting with "nomodeset" before you can use vga= or it's useful friends
> video= and xdriver=

most recent kernel i am using is kernel- because
kernel- and kernel- are giving
boot problems.

because i like to see boot info, i 'init 1' on first boot of a new install
to change 'grub.conf'.

i '#' out 'splashimage=' and 'hiddenmenu', then i remove 'rhgb' and 'quiet'
from kernel argument and add 'vga=794', for a '53 rows x 120 columns' screen.

so i have never seen dancing penguins 'op' was desiring. my passing along of
'vga=' was so that he would have an idea of what was available.

so i do appreciate your information of 'nomodeset' and rest in case i get
desires for 'anything interesting'. [i consider boot info 'informative'.]


peace out.



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