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ATI/Radeon FD 4200 driver (on mobo)

I have recently installed f12 on a new system with the built-in Radeon FD 4200 video. It basically works except for two or three things.

If I try to do the suspend to ram when I power back up I have to use alt-F7 to see anything. Then I see that the network connection is down and I have to reconnect using the tray icon (not a big deal and probably not video driver related). But the bad thing is that the video shows faint and transient lines when a window is moved or scrolled and the background repaints a bit slower when windows are moved

If I suspend to ram again, on power-on, nothing comes back and I have to reboot.

I have installed the xorg-x11-drv-ati and mesa-dri-drivers-experimental but not sure they are being used. /var/log/Xorg.0.log indicates driver is (VESA) so not sure how you know when the ati and/or mesa driver(s) are actually "running". (lsmod indicates that "radeon" is installed.)

Anyone have experience or advice on using this type of on-board video?


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