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Re: Installation plays hardball

I think it possible to recover the files in the partitions wiped by the
Fedora installer. Testdisk correctly found the partitions I want to
recover, but it says they are corrupted (stop).

A commercial trial software showed it can recover the file tree of one
partition and the raw files of the other partition. But at $90, Yikes!
Is there any cheaper solution to try?

I'll also have to buy a 320 GB hard disk to save the recovered files to
and sort them out.

What did the Fedora installer do to these partitions?


On Thu, 31 Dec 2009 00:49:27 -0800, "Garrick Sitongia"
<sitongia fastmail us> said:
> I just installed Fedora for the first time on my Windows/Linux dual boot
> system. The Fedora installer gave me the option of installing over the
> present linux installation on the disk, an old Mandriva version. I
> assumed this meant the operating system partition. There were 2 other
> unrelated ext3 partitions for photo archives and e-mail backup. After
> booting into Fedora I discovered that the Fedora installer wiped every
> linux partition without confirmation or consent. I have installed other
> versions of Linux and I have always been given a choice. Your installer
> should indicate that ALL linux type file systems will be wiped, in
> addition to the operating system file system.
> Garrick

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