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Re: Subject:,FC12 -- video resolution problems

On 01/01/2010 03:20 AM, fedora-list-request redhat com wrote:
FC12 -- video resolution problems
Robert Moskowitz <rgm htt-consult com>
Thu, 31 Dec 2009 19:39:34 -0500
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I just did a FC12 install on my notebook, blowing away my Centos 5.3 install.  Big step up.

This is on a HP nc2400 that has the Intel 945M video.  It comes up with only 800x600 resolution.

So I installed system-config-display and configured the monitor manually to be LCD 1280x1024, but selected only 1024x768.

I logged out and logged in, and I came up in 1024x768 video.  I then pressed <FN-f4> to switch to my external LCD monitor, and things went a bit screwy.  I should point out that my monitor is on a Belkin KVM.  But this has always worked in Centos.

My situation right now is that the system is running both internal and external, and pressing <FN-f4> is not getting it to roll through internal, both, external, internal, etc. as it 'use to'.

If I power up with the external disconnected, I come up in 1024x768 and then if I plug the external in, it is not sized properly, like it is only 800x600 and thus you only see the center of the screen and only the background, not the running tasks.

If I boot up with the external plugged in, the video is 800x600 for both internal and external, and I cannot roll through the modes.

So what is going on here and how can I get things working reasonablly???
Hi Robert,

I have the same situation, and used the xrandr script which Marko posted a couple of weeks ago.  This turns off the laptop screen on startup, BUT anything which was on the laptopp screen gets "lost" ie, I can't refer to anything which was in the trays.  If I then click on the cashew on the external screen & hit "zoom out", it shows me 2 screen images, the one I am using on the external screen (with the "blue blob"background), the other which appears to be the last laptop image with a plain blue screen.

My previous F11 installation used to have the same image on both screens, which I could "auto config" on my external screen to get it to full screen & Fn-f5(Toshiba) would cycle happily throught the both-ext-lap.....

So far, I've not found an answer!


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