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Re: Firefox KDE integration à la openSUSE

On 01/01/2010 09:26 AM, Chris Smart wrote:
> Has anyone looked into openSUSE's brilliant integration of Firefox
> into KDE4? Is this something that interests the Fedora community?
> Status:
> "http://en.opensuse.org/KDE/FirefoxIntegration";
> Code:
> "http://gitorious.org/firefox-kde-opensuse";
> -c

It's something that interests me, I already use something called kgtk
which is in the fedora repo's, It allows gtk apps to use the KDE file

you runs your gtk apps with...

kgtk2-wrapper firefox

It works but it's not brilliantly stable

I'd like the rest of what suse do, with the application launcher dialog

unfortunately I'm no packager so I wouldn't know were to start really in
bringing this over to fedora, One assumes it's all open source and would
be perfectly OK to bring it over??


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