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Re: installing 64-bit kernel on a 32-bit system

On 01/01/2010 06:24 AM, slamp slamp wrote:
Has anyone does this in Fedora 12? I don't want to re-install the whole system.

Just for fun, on F11 32-bit system (not tried on F12), I downloaded the latest F11 64-bit kernel package and installed it with

  rpm --nodeps --ignorearch --force <kernel package name>

It installed OK, since the kernel is pretty isolated from the rest of the system software.

Booted into runlevel 3, and it worked fine.

Now, X won't start because it needs the 64-bit nouveau driver. I don't know, but I suspect that you will need to install the entire 64-bit X server package(s). This will force you to install at least the 64-bit libc package.

If you just want a 64-bit server without X, this would work fine. Otherwise I imagine you will get caught in package dependency hell and I'm too lazy this morning to follow it to the bitter end.



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