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Fedora Basic End User Rollout Support Operation



I have been seriously contemplating developing a business model that is targeting expanding the use of Linux for the everyday desktop use and in small to medium size business.  I am not a computer geek or a highly proficient computer specialist, which puts me in the same category of a majority of computer users.  I have sold IT and telecommunications hardware for over 15 years.  I am now seeking to build a business with a key differentiator for an IT service offering targeting consumers and the SMB market.  I believe I can do that with Fedora if I can climb some significant hurdles.  I am looking for someone who has climbed those hurdles that I can have a dialogue.


The hurdle is that Linux usage is very foreign to the average consumer and SMB.  Linux is an entirely different system to navigate and administrate.  The layout, description and deployment of applications is in whole different paradigm.  Fedora has many advantages, but in its raw state it is not very user friendly.  I am looking to talk to someone who knows has to create a user friendly approach to Linux that can be effectively pitched to the consumer and SMB market.  My business model will simply be to set-up, configure systems, assist with package application selections and train this market for competitive price.  Can someone point me to the right person or people who are doing it or potentially have the know-how?





Robert E. Martin, President & CEO

1325 E. 52nd Street

Chicago, IL 60615

Phone: (312) 324-0049

Email: Robert vcmnetwork com

Website: www.vcmnetwork.com


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