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Re: ATI/Radeon HD 4200 driver (on mobo)

Gene Smith wrote, On 01/01/2010 01:52 AM:
I have recently installed f12 on a new system with the built-in Radeon
HD 4200 video. It basically works except for two or three things.

If I try to do the suspend to ram when I power back up I have to use
alt-F7 to see anything. Then I see that the network connection is down
and I have to reconnect using the tray icon (not a big deal and probably
not video driver related). But the bad thing is that the video shows
faint and transient lines when a window is moved or scrolled and the
background repaints a bit slower when windows are moved

If I suspend to ram again, on power-on, nothing comes back and I have to

I have installed the xorg-x11-drv-ati and mesa-dri-drivers-experimental
but not sure they are being used. /var/log/Xorg.0.log indicates driver
is (VESA) so not sure how you know when the ati and/or mesa driver(s)
are actually "running". (lsmod indicates that "radeon" is installed.)

Anyone have experience or advice on using this type of on-board video?


Possibly someone will see this with my type of motherboard running linux which is ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO and we can compare notes.

Some additional information: If I do "suspend to disk" it saves the state and turns off OK. And on power-on it comes back up and looks OK but the mouse is dead (keyboard OK but can't find shortcuts to do much). But after either type of suspend (to disk or to ram) the next shutdown hangs and have to power off to recover (possibly sshd ok but didn't try to log in that way).

Another thing I have recently noticed is that ff sometimes now shows artifacts when scolling in that a text line that is half exposed at the bottom will show the the exposed half when scrolled down plus the complete line. I remember seeing this years ago in ff/mozilla but not recently. Don't know if this is caused by ff, mobo, drivers or f12. (This is observed before a suspend is attempted.)

With mesa experimental, compiz enable fails. Also, in kde desktop effect enable, can only enable raster compositiong and not OpenGL compositing (which disables certain features).

Also, Xorg.0.log does show that the driver is RADEON which possibly replace VESA when it is unloaded, so I think that is OK.

The name of the video device is "ATI Radeon HD 4200" which I have corrected above.

gd(dot)smth (at) mail of googel

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