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Re: F12: KDE and PulseAudio latest update

On 01/01/2010 06:57 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
Terry Barnaby wrote:

On 01/01/2010 05:34 PM, Jud Craft wrote:
How to I get Skype to use my USB webcams mic ?

GNOME should allow you to choose which device for speaker input.

Doesn't the webcam mike show up under Sound Properties (right click on
speaker in bar)?

Yes, it does work under Gnome, however we use KDE.
There does not seem to be away in KDE of setting which devices are
used by the pulseaudio default sound device.

2 ways,
1.  use pavucontrol
2.  updating to
should make all media devices visible in

-- Rex

Installing pulseaudio* from updates-testing fixed this.
Thanks for this :)

On the second question, does the design of PulseAudio allow an
application, on an application by application basis, to choose to use
a specific input/output device ? If not I would consider this a major
failing ....

I would have thought that PulseAudio would, in effect, publish all
of the available Alsa audio devices along with default. An application
would then connect to default by default which would use the standard
PulseAudio configuration but could use any of the other devices including
other pulseaudio servers over the network.
Each of these devices would be handled by PulseAudio (ie sound would
pass through PulseAudio to/from the device in question).

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