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Re: Firefox KDE integration à la openSUSE

2010/1/2 Mail Lists <lists sapience com>:
>  Actually chrome is way faster, more secure and takes way way less
> memory - I suspect firefox usage will slowly tail off much like netscape
> did in the past - as chrome takes over .. it is so so much better ...
> even in its beta form.

Maybe so, but there are some major issues there. Firstly, I doubt that
Firefox will stop innovating and not be just playing catch up

More importantly is that Chromium doesn't (and won't any time soon)
ship with Fedora

Finally, I think it would be remiss of Fedora to ship Chrome as a
default browser, given privacy concerns.

>  I'd focus your energies there were I you ...

I don't quite trust Google enough, but I do think that the browser
holds a lot of promise. Google also has the brand name to take massive
market share, so it will be interesting.

In the mean time, we need something which works well enough on KDE,
and the openSUSE port does that right now. As an aside, does Chromium
use KDE components for everything?


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