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Re: Need usb troubleshoting tool

Gene Heskett wrote:

> Do we have a usb monitoring tool that can detect and name the processes that 
> are apparently fighting over a device plugged into a semi remote usb hub, a 7 
> port Alps gizmo plugged into one of the mobo ports?

see reply to 'subject: nut 0 vs f10 winner'.

i believe that you will find that most i/o monitoring is done with a prog that
ends with 'stat'.

"locate stat|grep bin/" should find them for you, then you can run 'man'
against name to see what they do.

> Or is it possible that because it is not plugged directly into the 
> motherboard, that some other process is claiming the attention of that hub, 
> and making usbhid-ups _think_ another process has locked the ups for its own 
> use?

yes, ups should be on it's own controller and nothing else *at main board*.

not 'locked the ups for its own use', but has more like *locked out* ups.



peace out.



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