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Re: installing 64-bit kernel on a 32-bit system

You can use 32 bit OS in 64 bit processor.

32 bit address bus will use 64 bit. MSB 32 bits will be idle..

But for the case, 64 bit OS in a 32 bit processor is not possible by theory.

I did not think that it will work. Also i did not tried this. Any one tried this combination and working fine?


Best Regards,
Ramesh Ramasamy.

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 11:10 AM, Roberto Ragusa <mail robertoragusa it> wrote:
john wendel wrote:
> Just for fun, on F11 32-bit system (not tried on F12), I downloaded the
> latest F11 64-bit kernel package and installed it with
>   rpm --nodeps --ignorearch --force <kernel package name>
> It installed OK, since the kernel is pretty isolated from the rest of
> the system software.
> Booted into runlevel 3, and it worked fine.
> Now, X won't start because it needs the 64-bit nouveau driver. I don't
> know, but I suspect that you will need to install the entire 64-bit X
> server package(s). This will force you to install at least the 64-bit
> libc package.

A similar problem had been described for the Nvidia closed driver;
same thing with noveau? not a good thing: the kernel-X interface
is expected to be cleaner in the open source driver...

  Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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