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Re: Need usb troubleshoting tool

On Saturday 02 January 2010, g wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Do we have a usb monitoring tool that can detect and name the processes
>> that are apparently fighting over a device plugged into a semi remote usb
>> hub, a 7 port Alps gizmo plugged into one of the mobo ports?
>see reply to 'subject: nut 0 vs f10 winner'.
>i believe that you will find that most i/o monitoring is done with a prog
> that ends with 'stat'.
>"locate stat|grep bin/" should find them for you, then you can run 'man'
>against name to see what they do.
Thanks, I hadn't tried that exact strategy yet, duh...  However, nothing that 
looks applicable seems to appear.

>> Or is it possible that because it is not plugged directly into the
>> motherboard, that some other process is claiming the attention of that
>> hub, and making usbhid-ups _think_ another process has locked the ups for
>> its own use?
>yes, ups should be on it's own controller and nothing else *at main board*.
Little gotcha's like that need to be pointed out in the README's that go with 
these programs.  It would have saved me a week.

>not 'locked the ups for its own use', but has more like *locked out* ups.

In fairness, the error message did say that occasionally.

This program contains some python scripts, NUT-Monitor for instance, and 
while it only reports the online/offline, charge, load and remaining time, it 
also needs a considerable amount of typing into its gui to get access to the 
data.  I now have that setup as a Desktop button.

AI just now found that executing upsstats..cgi from a shell is very noisy, 
but the data from the ups does seem to be in this noise.  But I've no clue 
how to get firefox to run it instead of downloading it.

Yes it does.  Thanks.

Cheers, Gene
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