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Re: Need usb troubleshoting tool

Gene Heskett wrote:

> Thanks, I hadn't tried that exact strategy yet, duh...  However, nothing that 
> looks applicable seems to appear.

in meantime of my reply post and getting back into f-12, i opened "yumex"
and ran a filter of 'monitor' to see what was there. none of which stated
specifically 'usb', but several stated 'i/o' and 'protocol'.
[would be nice if yumex had a boolean search feature]

> Little gotcha's like that need to be pointed out in the README's that go with 
> these programs.  It would have saved me a week.

consider this when it comes to usb, if it is critical, it should be on it's
own controller. then hopefully it will get priority it needs.

you could also try 'nice', but i do not know how that would work.

>> not 'locked the ups for its own use', but has more like *locked out* ups.
> In fairness, the error message did say that occasionally.


> AI just now found that executing upsstats..cgi from a shell is very noisy, 
> but the data from the ups does seem to be in this noise.  But I've no clue 
> how to get firefox to run it instead of downloading it.

what do you mean by upsstats.cgi is very noisy?

just for fun of it run "/var/www/apcupsd/upsstats.cgi|less" to see just
exactly what is going on.

you do not run a '.cgi' from a shell. run "man 8 upsstats.cgi" to see what
it is for.

you should have a "/usr/share/man/man8/upsstats.cgi.8.gz", which is in
'nut-cgi package'. no, i did not install 'nut', just looking at file list
i pulled when i had 'yumex' open.

also, see;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Gateway_Interface

iirc, with 'nut', you need to install both server and client to have it work
correctly. therefore, you need to install all 'nut' packages, with exception
of development package; "nut, nut-cgi, nut-client, nut-hal, nut-xml". [timbw]



peace out.



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