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Re: Firefox KDE integration à la openSUSE

Mail Lists <lists <at> sapience.com> writes:

>  Actually chrome is way faster, more secure and takes way way less
> memory - I suspect firefox usage will slowly tail off much like netscape
> did in the past - as chrome takes over .. it is so so much better ...
> even in its beta form.
>  I'd focus your energies there were I you ...

Yes Chrome has much promise especially as it is webkit based and not gecko based.

Chrome still has issues to resolve - like it does not do rss feeds, and reloading
a page often won't reload and you have to clear the browser history.

However it does have things that Firefox does not - like speed, and separated
processes for each tab - the latter is very fundamentally better than the way
Firefox works - 

It time I agree that it does look as though Chrome may well win - if the Firefox
developers don't pay attention to the competition - and gecko is not the way 
forward - webkit is!

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